Sin’s Lure, Entrapment and Destruction in our lives, Part 1

Nov 06 2022

By: T J Wilder Scripture: 2 Samuel 11 Series: Preaching

David is described in scripture as a man after God’s own heart. In 2 Samuel 11, we see a different picture. We see the man, David, following his own heart. In the first part of a two part sermon, brother TJ begins to lead us through David’s progression into sin, beginning with David placing himself in a situation that was conducive to sin, rather than putting himself in the place where he should have been as king. David’s decision to shy away from his duties as king allowed him to be in a place where sin could easily temp him and start him down to the path that would lead him into more and more unrighteousness. This passage documenting David’s descent into sin should serve to remind us as believers that we can not place ourselves in any circumstance that would allow temptation any advantage, because the results could be catastrophic to our faith.