David’s Victory over the Amalekites

May 28 2023

Topic: Scripture Scripture: 1 Samuel 30: 6-8

In this passage in 1 Samuel we find David in a low place. He has been living in the land of the Philistines after running from King Saul. The Philistines have sent him away unfairly in mistrust. He has returned to Ziklag to find it plundered by the Philistines, the people there blaming him and wanted to stone him. So what does David do? Brother TJ brings his response to our attention as one we should seek to follow. David first sought the Lord, and “strengthened himself in the Lord” 1 Sam 30:6. Then he prayed and asked the Lord if he should pursue the attackers. This implies that David was willing to wait on the Lord’s response despite the urgency of the situation. As we face trials in our lives, we should follow David’s example. We should pursue the Lord first, pray and seek His guidance, and respond in obedience. This is how we grow in faith, and glorify God in our lives.